Functional Fitness Terminology

Common Functional Fitness Terms you might see on the Whiteboard

(or hear from your fitness friends)

WOD – workout of the day – more commonly can be used just for a workout.

The Box – Another word for the gym.

REPS – repetitions

AMRAP – as many repetitions as possible

EMOM – Every minute on the minute

For Time – you are doing the reps for time, there is no time cap unless stated

OHS – Overhead Squat – the barbell, dumbell or weight is held overhead whilst you squat

METCON – metabolic conditioning

DB – Dumb Bell

BB – Barbell

TTB – Toes to Bar – where you lift your toes to meet your hands at the bar

HSPU – Handstand Push Ups

DU – Double Unders – the rope passes under the feet twice each repetition when skipping

SU – Single Under – the rope passes under the feet once each repetition when skipping

RR – Ring Rows

Hero WOD – A workout that is in memory or honour of someone who has passed in the line of duty or in unfortunate circumstances. You can view a large list of these at WODwell

BBJO – Burpee box jump over – you do a burpee then you jump onto a box and off the other side

WB – Wall ball – you throw a weighed medicine ball up to a specified target or height on the wall from a squat. Squat must be below parallel.



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