SASSFit Novice - weekdays 12-1

For those starting out or returning to Functional Fitness

 SASSFit Novice is specifically designed for beginners to functional fitness (and those returning after a while away from the community).

It’s a gentle introduction to functional fitness. It’s a class where you can work out with others of similar abilities to you.

It can be daunting turning up to a class surrounded by experienced athletes and members, feeling self aware and a bit like a fish out of water.

There’s such a lot of terminology, new equipment and then there’s new faces to get to know. Starting anything new is a challenge and taking control of your fitness on top of all this can be equally as challenging.  That’s why we introduced this class to our programming.



Functional Fitness Training


The Benefits


Functional training can improve the overall function of your body, boosting muscle strength and endurance.

By targeting the movements we do every day, these workouts provide a fitness class that is suited to everyone. Our classes develop fitness that helps with activities such as lifting the kids out of the car, playing team sports, or carrying home heavy groceries.


By focusing on functional movements, you can improve your physical abilities while putting minimal stress on your body and your joints.


One of the significant advantages of functional training is that it doesn’t isolate one muscle group at a time but works to train several muscle groups in one go.


The functional fitness community, not only in our gym but across the world is awesome. It provides inspiration and support across many platforms. There are adaptive athletes, beginners, scaled, RX and those just in it for the gains (and community of course). You will feel empowered and supported by our community at SASSFit and the coaches are part of that community.

Why SASSFit?


Our coaches provide a supportive environment for you to achieve your goals. Each person is an individual with individual goals.

If you attend one of our more advanced classes you will see athletes of different abilities working out together. We support all abilities from the social member to the athletes striving for competitive excellence. You never know where this first step might take you!

We have all the support you might need from personal training, nutrition advice, classes and an open gym for you to work on your gains outside of the classes.

Our coaches are fully experienced and are passionate about their own fitness and goals. Check out our values and find more information about our coaches here.

Sign up to SASSFit Novice today. You can try out this class with our 7 day trial.

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